Monday, August 13, 2012

PMC 2012 Wrap-up

PMC 2012 was one to remember. The heat was brutal -- hitting near 90 degrees -- with the humidity making it worse. Fortunately, getting an early start in the morning meant a nice ride to Foxboro down shady back roads. Will got out in front and led for much of the way. We rode with Drew and Arlene for the better part of the morning, riding a very quick pace down to Gillette Stadium. We left Wellesley at 7:40 and arrived in Foxboro a few minutes after 9:00. Grandparents Nancy and Fred were waiting for us at the water stop, and we took a long break before heading back out on the road.

I led for the first 7 miles on the return to Wellesley, with Will taking the lead on a few small hills. He then got ahead of me on one of the larger hills and began drafting off a peloton of riders on the Dunkin Donuts team! He was gone in a shot! About 5 miles later, I found him on the side of the road waiting for me, claiming he'd been waiting for 8 minutes. (Ha! So precise!) A few miles later, he dropped me again!! I was slowing down on the hills, at this point riding one handed, while he was still flying ahead. I didn't bother trying to keep up with him and just let him go. ;-)

I got off the bike to take a break after my third long climb. A nice gentleman had a "granny stop" set up near the top of the hill, with umbrellas, chairs, and coolers of water and gatorade. He had a large banner and poster thanking the PMC riders for riding. I, along with several other riders, stopped to chat. He told us his wife went through treatment at Dana Farber and together they'd cheer on the riders, from that very spot, before she passed away. It was very touching. I accepted a water and talked to him for a bit before heading out.

When I caught up to Will just five miles from the finish, he yelled, "Where have you been! I've been waiting for 20 minutes!". Ahhh... youth. Always in a hurry!

We rode the last five miles together and found Mike and Chip waiting at the finish. Yayyyy!! It was great to see them. We got in a half hour earlier than we expected, even though Will could have finished even earlier than that. Something he's not letting me forget.

It was a great ride. The heat, humidity and hills... I could have done without. Will, however, was unfazed and is now hooked on the PMC. He was ready to go out and ride another 50. Heading home in the car, he had an enormous smile on his face as he looked over his jersey. He said he wanted to collect another 20. It was an amazing experience for him and I suspect he'll be riding for many more years. Leaving Wellesley, he was talking a mile a minute on the drive, reliving different aspects of the ride, talking about the riders he met and his feeling of accomplishment. As we hit the highway I noticed he was suddenly silent. I glanced over and he was dead asleep in the car. :) -- The exact same way he'd fall asleep in the car when he was three years old. (The more things change, the more they remain the same.)