Monday, July 23, 2012

Looking Good

It's pretty awesome having a doctor for a neighbor. Yesterday, Dr. Barker took an x-ray of my hand and all looks good! No displacement. It still hurts like a bugger when I put any weight on it, but it should be o.k. for the PMC.... and yes, perhaps riding a PMC is asking for a lot, but we have a plan! Dr. Barker fashioned a fiberglass cast/splint formed in the hand position I'll be riding in for the PMC! It fits under a hard brace and will give me more support for the ride!

Marblehead Cycle is adding a gel padding under my bar tape to absorb some of the road vibration. Unfortunately, I needed crash repairs, a new set of tires, tubes and a brake tune-up, too. (Crash=Cash, ca-ching, ca-ching...) I hope to be back on the bike with my new riding cast this week! (Just waiting to get the call that my bike is ready.)