Saturday, June 16, 2012

Group to Manchester, Solo to Essex

Only eight riders today for our Saturday Cyclopath ride -- and no clear decisions on breakfast destination or mileage. Ethan pulled into Manchester Center just as we were deciding whether to head to Gloucester for breakfast or eat at the Beach Street Cafe in Manchester. After a bit of back-and-forth, we decided to stay in Manchester, with the group looping out to Magnolia afterwards. I was feeling a little antsy, and just wanted a quick ride, so opted to loop Essex with riders Gail and Steve-Bob after breakfast, rather than meander through Magnolia. Unfortunately, being the photographer of the group, I was too busy fiddling around taking pictures -- and then putting my camera away -- to realize that Gail and Steve-Bob had decided to loop Magnolia after all. As I looked up and saw both had left, and catching a glimpse of Sheldon and Lucy heading towards Magnolia to my right, I sped up to try and catch the others that I thought were heading towards Essex. About a mile in, I figured out I either missed a turn somewhere, or they didn't venture towards Essex after all. (Though I did pass The O'Grady's on the way, heading in the opposite direction.) I ended up riding solo for the trip home. Quick morning, just 35 miles, and home by 10:30.

Will swam 1400 yards with Coach Steve Quigley today -- on the bike tomorrow.