Monday, August 8, 2011

PMC 2011 is in the books!

Computer issues have prevented me from posting pictures from last weekend's PMC online. Hopefully, I will resolve that shortly. To briefly recap the weekend; On Saturday, August 6th, I spent my birthday at the PMC start and finish in Wellesley and Bourne, cheering on my Cyclopath teammates as they took part in the ride. Most of the Cyclopaths (including myself) were riding on Sunday -- but a few were finishing in Bourne on Saturday. Donna was taking part in her 20th ride! It was nice to be in Bourne to support her. Others finishing in Bourne on Saturday were Brian, Ben, Brenda and Jeff, with Ethan Lynda, Michael and Ed volunteering. It was a great day for a ride!

Unfortunately, Sunday wasn't a great day for riding. Sheldon and I drove to the Wellesley start together in the rain, reassuring each other that the "rain would pass". Such optimists we are! We met our teammates at the start, gathering under the tent as the rain continued. It was Bill Cantors 28th ride at 88 years old! Amazing! At 7:30 am, we hit the road, the rain falling steadily and never abating. The riding was difficult and the rain at times torrential -- but we forged on, determined not to let the weather get to us. It was a memorable ride! Regrouping at the end of the ride, we watched walls of water pour off the tent. It was quite comical. Definitely a bonding moment for all of us who rode on Sunday -- Arlene, Gail, Av, Bill, Arthur, Sheldon, and me -- with Donna, Drew and Laurie as support. (Ethan and Arthur F. rode up from Bourne, but we never connected.) PMC 2011 was one for the ages. Photos to come!