Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stone Soup/Ipswich

We had a fantastic ride today! Our group of 15 headed out of Salem towards Ipswich at 6:30 a.m. Just 20 minutes later, the group splintered into 3 groups, with the faster riders heading towards Route 133, another group looping back down Larch Row to pick up 1A, and Sheldon and I (who fell back after he dropped his chain going up a hill), taking a turn down one road thinking the others did the same, and ending up ahead of the middle group. Gosh darn it, you'd think we'd be able to stick together?!

The various groups made it to breakfast at Stone Soup, minus a few folks who headed back early. (Ethan, Mojito, Michael and Ducky.) After breakfast, Lisa and Drew took a different route back, while the remaining riders stuck together and returned to Salem in our typically Cyclopathic way -- Jack missing a turn... Sheldon and Lucy missing a turn... Paul taking a detour in Salem... Man, we were dropping Cyclopaths all over the place! Still, seven of the original 15 managed to regroup at the Roger Conant statue in Salem in traditional fashion, with many laughs shared. An adventurous ride.