Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holiday Weekend

We had a glorious ride on Saturday -- a terrific way to start the holiday weekend. 15 riders headed out of Salem today, taking the coastal route up to Manchester together.

At the Beach Street Cafe, the group split for 2 ride options; Heading up the hills towards Gloucester were Lisa, Michael S., Paul G., Arlene, Donna and Sheldon! After a few miles, Michael S. turned back to head home to brew beer (!) while the others continued on to enjoy breakfast on the deck of The Morning Glory in Gloucester.

Taking the Manchester/Essex loop were Gail, Carl, Joan, Paul P., Tam, Ducky, Drew, and new riders Lucy and Kate. After breakfast at the The Beach Street Cafe, the gang headed out towards Essex to pick up Route 22, with nice cooling breezes making the ride fantastic. (Total mileage for me, roundtrip from Swampscott: 35)