Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memorial Tribute to Sam

A memorial service was held for our beloved Sam Zoll on Sunday at Salem High School, as friends and family gathered to say goodbye to a truly great man. Attending the service were distinguished names from the political and judicial world, including Senator Scott Brown, former Governor Michael Dukakis, retired Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, and State Representative John Keenan, who led the ceremonies. The memorial service included several Cyclopaths, including Gail Berger giving a beautiful invocation, Av Hammer sharing fond memories, and Bill Cantor citing the mourner's kaddish. Sam's son, Barry Zoll, shared stories of Sam as a family man and father, and Sam's brother Michael Zoll, recalled Sam's paper route and his pride in Salem. It was a lovely and fitting tribute to our dear friend.

We will miss Sam greatly, but his spirit and character lives on. We will never forget his jokes, his stories, his colorful wardrobe, his fear of dogs, and his great booming voice as we gather to ride on Saturday mornings. He is forever in our hearts.