Monday, August 4, 2008

PMC Monday

Wow. What an emotional weekend. I'm exhausted!

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this year's PMC. I really couldn't have done it with out you. Despite the short mileage this year, it was still a powerful experience, full of emotions, some ups and downs (not including the hills), and a strong feeling of camaraderie with my fellow cyclists in the fight against cancer. Being at the finish line in Bourne to cheer on my team as they crossed the finish was with mixed emotion. I enjoyed being there, after volunteering in the morning, but also regretted not riding with the Cyclopaths on Saturday.

After volunteering on perimeter luggage (1 day riders and those staying off campus), I was impressed with the enormous task Mike has volunteered for each year -- luggage duty in the dorms and ship for the two day riders. (A tough, physical job. Thanks, Mike, for volunteering!)

Sunday's ride was a nice one. The humidity was high, but fortunately the temps weren't bad at all. The storms held off until after the ride. Sam, Bill and I were the only Cyclopaths riding the Wellesley loop. Highlights for me included riding with Bill in the morning (our oldest rider at age 85); seeing Nancy and Fred at the lunch stop!! (What a great surprise!) -- this ride was for Nancy; finding Cyclopath signs along the way, (including birthday wishes for my birthday on Wednesday, and photos of Sue at the top of a few hills); and being cheered on by Cyclopaths Donna and Drew at the finish line. (Other Cyclopaths, Gail, Manny, and Donna (long day for her!), were at the start to send us on our way.)

A great PMC -- A goal of 34 million dollars -- I'm grateful to you all for your support.