Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting a Late Start

It's June 29th -- Michael's birthday today -- and I just rode Sue's Sea Glass Ride yesterday in honor of friend, Sue de Vries, who lost her battle with cancer 2 years ago. I'm getting a late start to my training -- yesterday's 42-miler was my longest ride to date and I'm a little sore today. Rain throughout May canceled many of my weekend rides, and my early morning weekday rides were often hampered by the wet Spring. Combined with school activities, (an arts festival), and a baseball schedule, (Yay Phillies!), it was only this past week that I started getting my training in gear.

I hadn't planned to ride the PMC this year. The economy weighed heavily on my decision. It's hard to ask for donations with high energy and food costs grabbing at your wallet. My hope was that, by not signing up for a big ride with a large fundraising commitment this year, you would consider sponsoring me again in a 2-day ride next year. (I'd really like to get to Provincetown one more time.)

I registered to ride as a Virtual Rider this year, with the intention of raising money for the Jimmy Fund without actually riding to Provincetown or Bourne. But, like the weather in New England, my plans have changed.

2 weeks ago, my mother-in-law, Nancy Cronin, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, the cancer was discovered early and she has an excellent prognosis. She will have surgery this summer, followed by radiation treatment shortly after.

Because cancer has once again hit close to home, I have decided to get myself ready for a PMC ride after all. It's too late to register for the main routes -- those were full by the second week in January -- but it's not too late to ride the Sunday Wellesley loop. (50 miles with a $1,300 fundraising requirement.)

If you would consider sponsoring me in the Sunday ride, I would truly appreciate it. Last year the PMC raised 32 million dollars for cancer care and research at the Dana Farber -- with 100 percent of your donation going directly to The Jimmy Fund.

Thank you for your continued support -- I'll keep you posted on how my training goes.