Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ribbons in Memory and Honor of

I rode in memory and honor of 33 loved ones, family members and friends this year -- with their names on ribbons and their photos in my pockets -- all the way to Bourne. I ditched the water bottles this year and wore a camelback, with the ribbons attached, (as the camelback would otherwise cover my ribbons!). Yes, the heat was tough -- but at every water stop I'd refill the camelback, see those names, and remember why I was riding.

This year I added a few more ribbons -- In honor of breast cancer survivor Donna Chaffer, (her daughter, Erin, volunteered in Wareham); In support of Darwin Peterson, battling cancer now; and in memory of Ruth Young, Connie Chester, and Ray Mantel, who sadly passed away. Despite the heat, I made it to the finish line as a tribute to them -- and to each one of us directly or indirectly affected by this devastating disease. I hope each mile pedaled gets us closer to a cure. Thank you for supporting me.