Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stone Soup to Plum Island

Made the 60 mile roundtrip to Plum Island on Saturday, followed by PMC Night at Fenway Park 2 hours later with Will -- A tiring but fun day. The ride to Plum Island is one of my favorites, despite the nasty greenheads along Rt 1A, (and having three flat tires hit our group heading home).

This photo, taken outside Mad Martha's (with Ed's cell phone), is a bit deceiving as I actually didn't eat at Mad Martha's on Saturday. I started out on an empty stomach, and my energy was depleted by the time we reached Ipswich and the pack split up. I stopped there and joined Av, Paul Guertin, Ducky and Marji (the A-Team) for breakfast at Stone Soup before continuing on to Plum Island to regroup with the others. I caught up with everyone just as they were finishing breakfast at Mad Martha's (and this photo was taken). A great ride and a gorgeous day!