Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The 15th Annual Cohen Classic - 75 miles

75 Miles (3 states) Newburyport , Mass. to Kittery Point, Maine. We had a gorgeous day -- rare for the Cohen Classic, which usually sees high temps and high humidity. The ride came very easy for me this year and I felt pretty good afterward. I'm definitely in better shape for this year's PMC than I've been in the past. I'm still trying to lose 6 pounds (stubborn!), but dieting is sabotaging my riding. After my Plum Island bonk, my Cyclopath teammates have been tossing me food before and during my rides. (Drew gave me 2 pb granola bars and a banana before the CC start, and Cape Cod Mike insisted I have a Clif bar at the Wallis Sands stop.) Needless to say, I ride better with food in my stomach, but the scale isn't moving lately. :-0

We met another PMC rider, (from Marblehead), at the Portsmouth Bridge during our ride and stopped to chat. He knew Sue, (And also knows Ethan). He rode 56 miles from Marblehead up to Portsmouth -- and was on his way back down the coast when we met him. Nice guy.