Sunday, July 30, 2006

Final Weekend before the PMC

I didn't quite make my 100 mile goal last week, only hitting 88 for the week. It was a hot one!

Mike worked through the night on Friday, and couldn't be home on Saturday for my Cyclopaths ride -- but I was able to get in 52 miles today, Sunday. I met several of the Cyclopaths in the morning for a photo op for our local paper, (Unfortunately, the photographer didn't show up), and then rode up to Gloucester with Cyclopath-Dave Henry. Riding with him made the miles seem easy -- he is a much better (and faster) rider than I am, but he slowed his pace to keep up a conversation. I was grateful for the company.

From Gloucester I continued solo up to Rockport, where I got lost thinking I knew a side road avoiding a rotary, and then nearly got wiped out by a car cutting me off for a parking spot. (He couldn't have waited until I passed?) Happily made it home before 2 pm with enough time to swing my bike over to Salem Cycle for new tires. (They took care of it right away! Sweet!)

My fundraising has gone really well and I've raised $5,005 leading up to the big weekend. Thank you so much for your amazing generosity and support. You are all incredible. Thank you!!!!