Sunday, July 23, 2006

Feeling Optimistic

Since the late '80s, when I began riding an old Motobecane given to me by Sharon Popp, I've enjoyed cycling. I actually never owned a car until I turned 30, in 1994. I'd lived in two cities (Boston and San Francisco, and a small town (Marblehead), where a car never seemed neccessary. I walked everywhere and I had my bike!

Betty got me my first nice bike in 1991. It was a beautiful Bianchi Volpe, with a unique shifting system. I adored it. When my cousin, Pete, and I lived in an apartment in Boston in 1992, we were robbed of everything worth anything in our apartment - television, cd player, camera equipment, etc... but fortunately, to my relief, they didn't steal the bike!

I stopped riding when Mike and I got married and we started having a family. Kids, marriage, and a new house absorbed much of my time. It's been nice getting back on the bike again, (now a three-year old Specialized Allez).

I sometimes think of Sharon, (she passed away from cervical cancer many years ago), and how I used to struggle up the Lafayette Street hill on her old bike. That hill, coming into Marblehead on 114, is still tough (especially after a long ride), but I'm happy to say, two weeks from the PMC, it's no longer much of a struggle.

While the weather hasn't cooperated with my training this year, I actually feel stronger for this year's PMC than I have in the past. I'm feeling optimistic for this year's ride -- I only hope that the weather is nicer than it has been this entire summer.

Only two weeks left to go!