Friday, June 9, 2006

Our Norwegian Family

Photo: Ragnhild Aanerud, Toril's sister, who passed away from cancer at age 40.

My cousin, Nat, has introduced us to many things Norwegian since moving to Bergen eleven years ago, (Has it really been that long?) but nothing more lovely than his wonderful wife, Toril. Today, despite the distance, we do our best to keep up with Nat, Toril and their beautiful daughter, Sabine, as they live in Norway, overlooking a fjord. Hooray for email. (I'm happy to say that the boys can at least find Norway on the map, even though they don't quite understand the distance.)

I mentioned in my newsletter that I ride in memory of Toril's older sister, Ragnhild, who died from cancer five years ago. Ragnhild was a devoted wife and mother to three small children -- and her family meant everything in the world to her. She loved music and singing and the great outdoors. She worked as a teacher, adored her students, and seemed to have an unlimited amount of energy! Raghnild was an exceptional mother who was always there for her kids, helping them with their homework or leading them in outdoor activities. She is dearly missed by her sister, Toril, and I wish we had gotten to know her.