Friday, July 8, 2005

Rain and Lemonade

The rain has been a mixed blessing. Obviously it prevents me from riding and cuts into my training time on the bike. (Not a good thing.) On the other hand, it gives me a break from the sun and the beach! I have taken the boys (and their friends) to the beach almost every day since school let out -- and unfortunately I have a touch of sunburn on my back where I missed with the sunscreen. Ouch! The rain has allowed me to stay out of the sun for the last two days.

Not sure if I'll be able to ride on Saturday -- it will depend on the weather. Meanwhile, I've been spending some time on the stationary bike my neighbor loaned me for the summer. It's not quite the same thing as hitting the road, but it at least keeps my muscles and legs strong.

Will is hoping to set up his lemonade stand (to raise money for his PMC Kid's Ride) next week. He has made a great sign and has scouted out a location near the beach to set it up. He has also decided to sell bottled water and cookies. I talked him out of selling his homemade bubble soap -- for which he wanted to charge 50 cents. It did not include the bubble wand, which Will said he would "loan out for a dollar since he only has a few". ;-) Betty used to jokingly call her store the "Anything-for-a-Buck Kite Company". I have an "Anything-for-a-Buck" son. ;-) You gotta love him.